What should my child wear to Gym?

  • Loose comfortable clothing: Shorts,t-shirt,bike shorts,crop tops,singlet tops and leotards.
  • Please ensure that your child's hair is tied back.
  • Children should not wear jewellery or watches to gymnastics.


Club Uniform (optional)

  •  Available to purchase from the office before or after class time- Club T-shirt, singlet, jacket & leotards and other apparel.
  • Check out the album on our FaceBook page.


What to bring to gym

  • A drink bottle with your child's name on it.
  • Any medication your child may need for Asthma or Anaphylaxis (where applicable)
  • We are not responsible for your child's belongings or valuables.



    Dropping off and Collecting Children before and after Class

    • When dropping off and picking up, we require all children and parents enter & exit via the top door, which is accessible from the street.

      Please ensure that your child is collected from the gym no later than 5 minutes after their class has finished. The coaching staff need to return to the following class and cannot be supervising your child.

    • Children will only be allowed outside the gym hall with a parent, sibling, guardian or coach.
    • Parent is to advise coaching staff before lesson starts of any changed arrangements you have made regarding someone else collecting your child after gymnastics. Details of responsible person collecting your child will be logged into a book by staff.
    • If there is an emergency or you are unable to collect your child on time, you will need to call 95701086 before your child’s class has finished. If the phone is not answered please leave a detailed message for coaches. If this is the case please know that your child will be kept with the next class and you will need to come into the gym to collect them.
    • If you have not arrived to collect your child within 5 minutes of class finishing, they will be taken back into the gym hall to await collection.
    If you have not arrived within 15 minutes of the class ending you will be contacted by phone to ascertain your whereabouts. Please make sure we have your up to date contact details on file.                                                                                                                                                                            



  • Are issued twice a year, and payment must be made on time. You will be issued with an electronic invoice via email in February and June.  Fees are charged twice a year to minimise administration and cover two terms, which we call a semester.
  • A late fee of $20 will be charged if the fees are overdue.
  • All fees paid are non refundable unless under extenuating circumstances.
  • We do not open on Public Holidays and you are not charged for these days.

Missed Lesson policy 

    • There are no make-up/catch-up lessons available..
    • If children are absent for more than 2 weeks due to injury, to receive a refund or credit a Doctor's certificate must be supplied stating the length of absence needed from gymnastics.Please forward certificate to admin@oatleygymnastics.org.au
    • If you know you will be away for a period of time i.e holiday/ illness (2 weeks or more) we request that you please advise the Admin Coordinator admin@oatleygymnastics.or.au , in advance or during the absence.



  • There is a no photo/video policy by the public within this gymnastics club.
  • However, this is waived on Display day each year, where any child may be photographed or videoed by the audience.
  • Coaches are permitted to photograph or video children during classes for teaching purposes and at competitions.
  • Photographs or videos of children, who are representing the club at an event, may be posted on our website or social media pages. Names of these children will not be attached to these images.


Contact and Promotions

  • The gym club will contact you by phone, email or text to inform you of important information regarding the club and your child.
  • The gym club will also post important information regarding the club on their website and FaceBook page.
  • Notes with important information are also regularly sent home with children.
  • Your personal information is not released to any parties.

Social Media

We do have an active social media presence and would like all our members to utilise this resource as we regularly post reminders of events and other club news on these pages.

Our Facebook link is: https://www.facebook.com/OatleyRslYouthClubGymnastics/


Further Information

  • For further information please refer to the enrolment form you signed to admit your child to gymnastics, or refer to our website for more details.