Coaches Staff and Committee

Program Coordinator

Kat Holdsworth


 Our Coaches have Nationally Recognised qualifications and Accreditations through Gymnastics Australia. We have Accredited supervisors and Mentors to support and guide our new coaches (Trainees) while they gain accreditation. 


Senior Coaches - Janelle, Kat

Class Coaches - Alix, Chloe, Daria, Emily, Erin, Hayley,  Michael, Sara, Steph

Beginner/ Trainee Coaches -  Alex C, Jade, Lilie, Jeremy


If you are interested in joining our coaching team please contact our

Program Coordinator by email:


** Note Beginner / Trainee Coach applications will be taken from 14 and a half years. 

Membership Coordinator 

 Susan Liu 

Volunteer Management Committee 

Executive Committee - Janelle Bulmer, Lyn Johnston, Louise Challis

Parent Representatives-