Aerobic Gymnastics

Aerobic Gymnastics (Previously Sport Aerobics)

Aerobic Gymnastics is a fun and energetic sport where dance, aerobic and gymnastic moves are combined and performed  to music to create a dynamic routine on the floor which highlights fitness, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. 

Classes have 2 distinct groups in this discipline. The recreational or beginner classes, and the competitive stream.  All children are welcome to participate in our recreational stream, however entry into the competition class is by selection only.  Any gymnast wishing to gain entry into the competition class must undergo a specific skills assessment by the Gymnastics Program Manager, to determine if they are suitable for this stream of gymnastics.

Recreational Aerobics

  • Days of the week – Thursday afternoon
  • Age Guide - 5-13 years old  (Children must be attending School)
  • Genders- Girls and Boys

This is a recreational stream of gymnastics, where the focus is to provide a safe learning environment for the children to begin, or continue in the sport of Aerobic Gymnastics.

These classes are predominantly conducted on the floor, rather than the equipment and are designed to increase the children's strength, fitness, posture, balance, coordination and confidence. This is achieved by learning a wide variety of exercises and activities to music, learning basic routines, as well as playing games and completing challenges throughout each term.

Our programs are designed so that the children can learn a new sport in a non threatening environment, as well as giving them the opportunity to make new friends and have fun.

As there is only 1 class for this discipline each week the children within the class are allocated to learning groups  based on their year at school, so that they can learn  with their peers.  There is a system of progression within  this class, however, the children are allowed to progress at their own pace. 

All children must start in this stream of aerobic gymnastics, and any gymnast wishing to gain entry into the competition stream  must undergo a specific skills assessment by the Gymnastics Program Manager, to determine if they are suitable for this stream of gymnastics.

Competition Aerobics

  • Days of the week – Monday and Thursday Night
  • Age Guide - 6 + years old  (This class is by Invitation Only)
  • Genders- Girls and Boys

These athletes are training for participation in the NSW State Trials, NSW State Championships and eventually the Australian National Aerobic Gymnastics Championships. They have usually spent at least 2 years in the recreational stream, or have had at least 2 years experience at a competitive level of dancing, aerobic gymnastics or gymnastics before being eligible for selection into this class.

Children in this stream must attend both the Monday and Thursday training sessions,  where they learn complex routines for competitions, as an individual, and also in a pair or in a trio. They also learn skills as well as completing a strength, flexibility and fitness program in these training sessions.  In addition to these sessions they are asked to complete a home based strength, fitness and flexibility program, and additional routine practice.  Before competitions there are additional training session on weekends and in the school holidays.

In this competitive stream of gymnastics there are many additional costs including regular competition entry fees, club uniform, leotards, tights, and shoe purchases, as well as travel to competitions.  Please be aware that if your child is selected in this competitive streams of gymnastics they will have to compete, so you will have to be prepared for these costs, and travel. 


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