Enrolment Policies

Feb 2018


We are a community based Not for Profit Club, run by a management committee. The majority of our members are recreational gymnasts. We run our club and all our classes around the Gymnastics Australia philosophy of Gymnastics for All. Where the focus for each class is on the 4 pillars of gymnasts:                                                                        “Fun, Friendship, Fundamentals and Fitness.” 

What should my child wear to Gym?

  • Loose comfortable clothing: Boys are best in shorts and t-shirt, whilst girls like bike shorts, crop tops, singlet tops and T-shirts. Girls may also like to wear leotards, which are great.
  • Please ensure that all children's hair is tied back, and kept off their face with clips or elastics. Plastic or metal headbands are to be avoided as they can be uncomfortable and cause scalp injuries.
  • Children should not wear any jewellery to gymnastics, including watches.


    Club Uniform

    • We do have a club T-shirt and other apparel, which is available for purchase from the Gym office before or after class. Purchase of club apparel is not compulsory.

      What to bring to gym

    • A drink bottle with your child's name on it.
    • Any medication your child may need for Asthma or Anaphylaxis (where applicable)
    • Children should not to bring valuables to gymnastics. If this is unavoidable, please ensure they place these items in the change room, located inside the gym, or given to the class coach to place in the office.
    • We are not responsible for your child’s personal belongings.    



    • There is a no photo/video policy by the public within this gymnastics club.
    • This is waived on Display and Competitions , where any child may be photographed or videoed by the audience.
    • Coaches are permitted to photograph or video children during classes for teaching purposes and at competitions.
    • Photographs or videos of children, may be posted on our website or social media pages. Names of these children will not be attached to these images. If you do not want your photos or videos of your child to appear on social media please contact Susan by email to advise heradmin@oatleygymnastics.org.au


      Dropping off and Collecting Children before and after Class

  • When dropping off, we require all children and parents enter via the side door, which is accessible from the street and also the rear car park.
  • At the end of the classes all children will be escorted upstairs to the street level viewing area where you can collect your children.

    Please ensure that your child is collected from the gym no later than 5minutes after their class has finished.

    The coaching staff need to return to the following class and cannot be supervising your child.

  • Children will only be allowed outside the gym hall with a parent, sibling, guardian or coach.
  • Parent is to advise coaching staff before lesson starts of any changed arrangements you have made regarding someone else collecting your child after gymnastics. Details of responsible person collecting your child will be logged into a book by staff.
  • If there is an emergency or you are unable to collect your child on time, you will need to call 95701086 before your child’s class has finished. If the phone is not answered please leave a detailed message for coaches. If this is the case please know that your child will be kept with the next class and you will need to come into the gym to collect them
  • If you have not arrived to collect your child within 5 minutes of classes finishing, they will be taken back into the gym hall to await collection.
  • If you have not arrived within 15minutes of the class ending you will be contacted by phone to ascertain your whereabouts. Please make sure we have your up to date contact details on file.


    • Are issued twice a year, and payment must be made on time. You will be issued with an electronic invoice in February and June.  Fees are charged twice a year to minimise administration and cover two terms, which we call a semester.
    • A late fee will be charged if the fees are overdue.
    • All fees paid are non refundable unless under extenuating circumstances.
    • If children are absent for prolonged periods of time due to injury, you may apply to the committee for an adjustment of fees, if a Doctor's certificate, Physiotherapists or other medical practitioners letter is provided.


      Missed Lesson policy and Absences from class

    • There are no make-up/catch-up lessons for any child for any reason.
    • Gymnastics classes are (cancelled) not held on public holidays, and not rescheduled. You are not charged for these classes.
    • Prolonged absences from gymnastics class (2weeks or more) must be reported to the Membership Officer, in advance or during the absence. Email is our preferred method of communication as we are certain to have the details recorded on file.


      Contact and Promotions

    • The gym club will contact you by phone, email or text to inform you of important information regarding the club and your child.
    • The gym club will also post important information regarding the club on their website and Facebook page.
    • Notes with important information are also regularly sent home with children or emailed.
    • Your personal information is not released to any parties.

Social Media

We do have an active social media presence and would like all our members to utilise this resource as we regularly post reminders of events and other club news on these pages.

Our Facebook link is: https://www.facebook.com/OatleyRslYouthClubGymnastics/

Further Information

For further information please refer to the enrolment form you signed to admit your child to gymnastics, or refer to our website for more details. 


Membership Co-ordinator - Susan Liu. Contact her for enquiries regarding class vacancies and placement, fees, Active Kids vouchers and  invoicing . Her contact details are as follows:




Updated Feb 2018



To guide the gymnasts at Oatley Gymnastics Club on appropriate guidelines of behaviour, interaction, communication and training. This policy should be read in conjunction with Club policies



This policy applies to Gymnast Members training in the Oatley RSL Youth Gymnastics Club.


It also applies to Staff (paid), Committee Members, Technical Members (Judges  & Coaches),  Volunteers - Staff (non-paid) and parents working in support roles; & Visitors - being competing gymnasts from other Clubs, spectators and contractors.



This Policy applies to all Gymnast Members, Staff, Committee Members, Technical Members, Volunteers and Visitors attending Oatley RSL Gymsports Club venue; including activities and events held in the Club name or in representing the Club at other venues.



All Members, volunteers and visitors are expected to:

· Recognise that physical, sexual or verbal abuse, bullying, tormenting or ridicule is unacceptable behaviour by any person. Oatley RSL Gymnastics Club will not tolerate ANY kind of this behaviour towards any persons. This behaviour will result in immediate termination of membership and any affiliation or access to Oatley RSL Gymnastics club.

• Abide by the Code of Behaviour relevant to their role;


• Respect the rights of others outlined in the policies of Oatley RSL Gymsports, including, but not exclusive to:


1. Risk Management

2. Member Protection

3. Codes of Behaviour

4. Youth Club Ethics

5. Safety Rules


Responsibilities of Gymnasts

  1. All gymnasts should show respect for all coaching staff and Committee members. This involves listening, being courteous and respectful, and following instruction of staff, officials and administrators.
  2. Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every young person regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.
  3. Gymnasts should show appreciation to other gymnasts, coaches, the committee and anyone else who supports them in this sport.
  4. Be a good sport.  !! Applaud good work whether it is by your fellow gym mates or other competitors.
  5. Treat all participants in your sport, as you like to be treated. No pushing, shoving or inappropriate touching of others.
  6. Listen carefully to your coaches instructions, they are there to assist you and keep you safe. Please follow all gym safety rules.
  7. A positive ‘go for it’ attitude must be presented before stepping into the gym.

8.     Gymnasts should demonstrate a high work ethic and attempt all suggested exercises and not give up or becoming discouraged when unable to complete something.

9.     All gymnasts should be able to be supportive and sensitive to their team-mates and other members

  1. Respect for the Club’s equipment is shown by taking care of the equipment and returning it to the appropriate place after use.
  2. Participate for your own enjoyment and benefit, not just to please parents and coaches. Active participation in the class program is required at all times.
  3. It is the responsibility of the gymnasts/parents in the Oatley RSL Youth Gymnastics Club program to act in accordance with the above policies.

It is also your responsibility as the parent to be aware of these policies and assist the staff and gymnasts to follow these.


Oatley RSL Gymsports will deal with any breach of the Behaviour Management Policy promptly, seriously, sensitively and confidentially.

Should a breach arise, Oatley RSL Gymsports will:


i. Approach the person creating the problem and ask him or her to stop the behaviour


ii. If the behaviour continues, or it is not possible to approach the person, contact either:

a) Coach or manager

b) The Club’s Member Protection Contact Officer; &/or

c) President or other official of the club or State association.

If no resolution is achieved, all reports are provided to a disciplinary committee, who will determine the appropriate course of action



1Should the behaviour of a gymnast/parent not meet those expected in our Behaviour Policy the following procedures will apply:-

  • Explanation to the gymnast/parent of behaviour / actions that were inappropriate.
  • If necessary then time away from the activity may be necessary.

·       Ensure the gymnast/parent understands that the behaviour was inappropriate.

·       Allow the gymnast/parent to return to activity within a designated time frame.

·       AReport and record of the incident will be logged appropriately in the Behaviour Management log book.

  • Program Coordinator will follow all recorded issues up with parents/gymnasts.

2. Should a second reoccurrence of misbehaviour happen then a verbal warning will be given to the gymnast and parent. This will also be documented in the log book as a second warning. 3. Should a third incident of misbehaviour occur, the gymnasts will be placed on a Behaviour Management Plan. This involves a meeting with parents and coaching staff. The discipline plan will be developed with the manager, coaching staff, Gymnast and parent.

All incidents, documentation, and meetings are treated as strictly confidential, and are not discussed with parties who aren’t directly involved



Oatley RSL Gymsports Club Gymnastics’ administration responsible for implementing this Policy will keep confidential the names and details relating to breaches, unless disclosure is:


I. Necessary as part of the disciplinary or corrective process; &


II. Required by law.